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Urone mobilizes entrepreneurial ecosystems to create efficient models made for people and not for projects. We help organizations execute actions with a real impact for entrepreneurship and business achievements.


Mentoring, coaching in business development strategies, operational marketing and start-up management

Education Institution

For business schools, universities, engineering schools, incubators : program designing, intrapreneurship enhancement, conferences, teaching


Design programs for intrapreneurs, create bridges between employees with idea & will, and decision-makers, activities to boost innovation within your teams

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Elina Cohen-Peirano


Founder of 3 startups in social entrepreneurship, product development, and in the consulting area, I have experienced many entrepreneurship ecosystems and have observed that there is still a lot of untapped potential to better help entrepreneurs.

During my varied professional experience within SMEs (Small and medium size enterprises), startups, big companies and educational institutions, the needs were confirmed, both for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. I have designed people-centered processes to activate unresolved projects, connect people, put in place concrete actions, and draw the red line often missing.

Through active listening and assessment of the stakeholders’ needs and concerns, I co-design solutions to meet the strategic goals of your institution, by motivating, connecting, and embarking your entrepreneurs and your employees.

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