Our Team

💡Elina Cohen-Peirano

Founder & CEO

Founder of 3 startups in social entrepreneurship, product development, and in the consulting area, I have experienced many entrepreneurship ecosystems and have observed that there is still a lot of untapped potential to better help entrepreneurs.

During my varied professional experience within SMEs (Small and medium size enterprises), startups, big companies and educational institutions, the needs were confirmed, both for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. I have designed people-centered processes to activate unresolved projects, connect people, put in place concrete actions, and draw the red line often missing.

Through active listening and assessment of the stakeholders’ needs and concerns, I co-design solutions to meet the strategic goals of your institution, by motivating, connecting, and embarking your entrepreneurs and your employees.

💼 Alyssa Grar

Growth Marketing & Project Manager

Driven by the desire to support companies that are themselves driven by the desire to make an impact on the world and society, it was only natural for me to join the Urone marketing team. Always on the lookout for trends and innovation, I enjoy brainstorming marketing strategies that help develop the brand's vision and increase its visibility.

With a Master's degree in Marketing and Communication from Kedge Business School, I gained experience working for renowned companies such as McDonald's France and Bjorg, Bonneterre et Compagnie before launching my own marketing consulting firm, AMKG, which focuses on helping small and medium-sized businesses grow.

📢 Catalina Taccone

International Marketing and Communication Manager

Over 5 years of experience in civil society organizations and social innovation and my passion for social impact, made me become a social entrepreneur, leading causes related to youth empowerment, ecosystem building, collaboration and sustainability. I have been recognized for my contributions to youth leadership and entrepreneurship in my home country, Chile, and I also actively participate in global and national entrepreneurship networks.

Currently finishing my journalism degree, with a Journalism and Communications Minor, I am committed to Urone's mission and purpose. Knowing from an international perspective how redefining entrepreneurship education and empowering entrepreneurial skills generate a great impact on people and make a difference in the world.

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